Standard Terms and Conditions                                                                   Dated 01/01/01


All shipments subject to our standard terms and conditions posted on website .


Limitation of $ 100.00 per shipment. The customer agrees that the shipper shall in no event be liable for any 

loss, damage, expense or delay to the goods resulting from the negligence or other fault of the company

( Midland Transportation Service Group, Midland Logistics  ) for any amount in excess of $ 100.00 per shipment

( or the invoiced value , if less ) any partial loss or damage for which the company may be liable shall be

adjusted pro rata on the basis of such valuation. The customer has the option  of paying a special compensation 

to increase  the liability of the company in excess of $ 100.00 per shipment in case of any loss, damage

exposure or delay from causes which would make the company liable, but such option shall be exercised only

 by specific written agreement made with company prior to shipment, which agreement shall indicate the limit of

 the company's liability and the special compensation for the added liability by it to be assumed subject to.

Notice all agreements must be made with the home office in Chicago, Ill. maybe faxed to 77.847.6003

for approval will be signed and invoiced for the additional amount by President of the company